Hi, I’m Helena

I work with teams to solve complex problems and create meaningful solutions for businesses and people. I care about having fun along the ride and making the process enjoyable.


Featured Projects

Here are a couple projects I’ve worked on:


Access to online banking

Designing the user experience of login, activation and account security preferences.


Small business banking

Simplifying the process to open a small business account digitally, so business owners’ can focus on their business.


Periwinkle Branding

Rebranding the coolest flower shop in town!
One who supports local growers, makers and pollinators.

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Lean UX
CUTC 2017 | Elevate

Watch Now 

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A few things I’ve written

I am always working to improve my written communication skills and often like writing about the work I do and the process I take leading to a deeper understanding.

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